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The Soul of the World is Stirring

Wild Love is a global movement that celebrates the shameless emergence of a culture of embodied  love and freedom. The world soul is moving and we appear to be in the middle of a major change of civilisation. Wild love expresses a ‘third way’ beyond the duality of status quo control and/or revolution. It stands for the inherent  freedom of the human spirit and the universal nature of love.   It is a movement made up out of many individual acts of wild love that synergise together to make visible the powerful wave that is sweeping the world. 

Wild love is not an organisation or a creed but an irresistible movement, a stirring of the cosmic soul – synergistically and sychronistically convergent.


We are not simply activists or pacifists, conservationists or hedonists We are love and have no idea what we are going to do next.


We are not defined by our gender; by being straight, gay, bisexual or transgender . We are neither monogamous, polyamorous, promiscuous or celibate. We are love and have no idea who or how we are going to love next.


We are not conservative or liberal, green, blue or teal. We are not muslim, buddhist, christian or jew. We are love and have no idea what we are going to think or adore next.


There is nothing inner or outer, above or below, left or right that we adhere to.  Our fidelity is to the moment by moment arising in the core of the heart which lets us know, beyond all dualities what is truth for us, here, now.


We are radical, dangerous to all that seeks to exclude or contain us, we are wild, free and beautiful.


Our hearts know that all over the world others are emerging, blinking from their caves because some horn has been sounded somewhere in cosmos, calling us. Some deep tide of awakening has come upon us and another generation that has been dreaming and nurturing the truth that it is love, is ripe and bursting. 


And so this is a call to the tribe who has no tribe. What unites us is the confession that we no longer have any choice but to emerge like turtles hatching on the moon and beginning the run to the sea. We choose this way, this flow of sacred eros, this pathless path unfolding in each creative moment for it is the way that wild love wants to unfold and flow into the world.


This is wild love and together we howl to the winds of spirit blowing through the temple that is this beautiful earth. These things we know deep in the rhythms and pulsings of our heart blood.

" Heart Howl "  by Bruce Lyon