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#WildLove2020 is a platform for creative offerings as a reflection of planetary change. 

Those with creative fire are often the first to listen to the up-welling of the unconscious and the down pouring of the superconscious.


They start to clothe this energy in new creativity through art, poetry, music, words, colour, visual form.  

Before the inarticulate has given itself to form the creatives are the lightning rods channeling and transmitting this new energy ahead of the collective wave.  

Creative life is essential as a voice for the world soul emerging.  

We are inviting those who can feel the awakening of this new energy to bring forth their offerings.  

Your words, sounds, colour, forms, expressions. 

Record Player


#WildLove2020 through music, soundbites, podcasts, recordings.

Artist Painting a Mural


#WildLove2020 through digital arts, media, exhibitions, street art, paintings,  performance, ritual theatre, embodied movement.

Piles of Books


#WildLove2020 through poetry, musings, writing, articles, blogs.