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The Soul of the world is moving. Like a great wind through grassland or a wave lifting in the ocean, this movement is part of a big wave that is breaking on the planet. This wave began in the sixties and is really the emergence or the  ‘coming out’ of the heart of humanity.

In the three months between June 21st and September 22nd 2020, huge astrological transits (more info) will spark a decade of significant and major change. #WildLove2020 invites us to align forces, rooted in Love, to create a joined-up, visible movement. By co-ordinating and sharing our unique offerings under #WildLove2020 during a specific time-frame, we seek to amplify the wave and make it visible to a generation of people who are already living  or feeling a future that is not reflected in the civilisation around them.


We are calling the conscious movement WILD LOVE.

WILD - Breaking free of any identity and inhibitions that limit our self expression as an intimate and intrinsic part of the One Life.

LOVE - Remembering ourselves as love - eternal, irrepressible and originally innocent.

MOVEMENT - Putting into motion the Wild Love that we are.


For those that want to play it is just a question of tapping in to the flow, the vibration beneath what is being called Wild Love and freely dedicating time and energy towards it. What wants to be created using the talents, resources and networks at your fingertips and how can this be shared during those 3 months?

Guiding Principles

We have a ManyFeasto because we recognise that wisdom evolves and is enriched by collective input and experience.

Essentially Wild Love is about expressing a third way beyond the dualities of the status quo and revolution. A way of being that is demonstrated by embodied example and led from the heart.

We see ourselves as a decentralised and empowered expression of the world soul; creative, alive, innovative, synergistic and ecstatic. Each activity is sourced from the creative well inside the individual acting in resonance and harmony with the whole.





The economics of the #WildLoveMovement are centred around sharing and gift economy. We source ourselves from the inner creative fire of the soul.  Everyone contributes because they are inspired to do so not because they seek a financial return. We are neither 'for-profit' or 'not-for-profit.’ We are for ‘wild-love’ however that looks. We honour our time and creative energy as being valuable and we welcome the contributions of others including finances to help power the movement.  Some events and other happenings may be charged for depending on what costs they incur but the general spirit is one of 'paying it forward for the planet.’  We  honour each individual’s creativity and we also want everyone to feel free to share what they love so that it spreads without copyright and branding issues.

Wild Love Economics

We source ourselves from the inner creative fire of the soul

Wild Love on the Streets

A way to make what is stirring in the hearts of us all visible is to take it to the streets.  In the spirit of sacred pilgrimage, gypsy caravan, rock and roll tour, divine theatre and spiritual revival -  one manifestation of the #WildLove2020 Tour will start at Glastonbury on the summer solstice of 2020 and end at Delphi, Greece on the equinox.

We will be journeying the dragon lines of Europe holding shamanic ritual as well as hosting festivals, workshops, performing sacred theatre and breaking open hearts. This is our contribution to help inspire and make visible the emerging culture of #WildLove2020 breaking out in to the world.

Our vision is that there will be many Wild Love road trips going on all over the world linked through social media. As well as gatherings, ceremonies, stunts, installations, exhibitions and spontaneous acts of #WildLove2020 for the #WildLoveMovement. As with every movement the underlying message is carried by creativity so we invite those artists, musicians, poets and muses who are already tapped into the soul of the world to use #WildLove2020 as part of their creations and sharing them.







  • It is co-created by MANY rather than enunciated by one.  

  • It is a celebration-FEAST of what we stand for, rather than a critique or separation from what we don’t resonate with.

#WildLove2020 ManyFeasto

#WildLove2020 is the expression of a new way of Being demonstrated by embodied example, led from the heart.  An empowered expression of the world soul; creative, alive, innovative and ecstatic.

Through our action, we seek to:

  • Weave new patterns of relationship and synergy sourced in love.

  • consensually and intelligently surrender together to the ecstatic current

  • take individual responsibility for putting the ecstatic current into action.

We stand for Sharing: sharing power, sharing creativity, sharing resources, sharing money, sharing love, sharing eros, sharing joy.​  We stand for fun.  

   Wild Love is a decentralised movement, and no one person or group can claim ownership over it.

   Wild Love is not about promoting individuals, organisations, beliefs, philosophies, opinions.

#WildLove2020 acknowledges the power and love of ‘group soul’ - a greater ‘soul identity’ than the individuated human personality or ‘body-mind’ and the movement structures it’s core communications and message around this (and all other) principle(s).

#WildLove2020 stands for the decentralisation of power - endeavouring to explore and open to new and 'unseen' potentials for the redistribution of power in politics, economics, society, family structures and the planet as a whole.

​#WildLove2020 provides an opportunity for all the many activist groups to unite forces under the underpinning, universal banner of Love.

#WildLove2020 reminds us of something we all seek.

There are as many expressions of #WildLove2020 as there are people.

#WildLove2020 values the indigenous ways of reciprocity, respect, right relationship and responsibility.